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Exclusive statues and sculptures

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tulip business gift award

Beautiful & unique awards, trophies and prize images made of stainless steel including text engraving.

for organizations such as Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, VU Amsterdam, CG Council, VNSI, IWR & amp; Cacao de Zaan

Trumpets for the Sonate Foundation

The Sonate Foundation awards a trumpet every year to a person who makes an effort to help others in a selfless way. View more photos about this award.

Business election Noord-Holland – golden tulip

award prize golden tulip. The North Holland company election was won by Fabian Nagtzaam etc. See more photos about this award

Wellness award – Veluwse Bron

wellness award prizes To put the wellness industry in the spotlight, organized the election of the Wellness Award 2016. The prize was presented by Olympic skating champion Marianne Timmer & amp; beauty and anti-aging expert Dorien Schonenberg to Hester van den Bos of the Veluwse Bron. Read more about the wellness award.

KNLTB – black tulip award

award trophy KNLTB Dutch Tennis Bond Commissioned by the Dutch Tennis Association (KNLTB) I designed this award. The stylized black tulip award is presented annually in various categories such as tennis player of the year, most promising talent, best tennis club of the year, etc. Read more about the KNLTB award.

Wim Timmers Ontwerpersprijs – VNS Timmersprijs

Wim Timmers Designer Award VNSI Wim Timmers Award The Wim Timmers Designer Award (formerly VNSI Wim Timmers Award) brings the creativity and innovative power of Dutch maritime designers to the attention of a wide audience. The award consists of a beautiful stainless steel sculpture. Read more about the Wim Timmers Ontwerpersprijs.

Award “On Wings of” VU

The University Research Chair program of the VU Amsterdam is a very prestigious professor appointment. In honor of the appointment, the VU commissioned this work of art. It symbolizes the academic ladder and is a playful reference to the logo of the VU. Read more about the Award for the VU.

Prins Bernard Cultuurprijs

lily-prize-award-prince-bernard-culture fund “Feather on your hat!” – Kudos to the volunteer who receives this award from Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds. The prize image “De Lelyprijs” is awarded annually. The award not only symbolizes a stylized plume, but also the resilience that a volunteer must have. Read more about the Prins Bernard Cultuurprijs.

cg-council every (in) disability council

Torch Prize – Disabled Council
award prize image of the disabled council CG-Raad Elke (in) The torch prize is an award that is presented to people who have made a good contribution in the field of accessibility for people with a disability. The three different flames of the torch represent the different way in which people interpret this. Read more about the Torch Prize

Awards, trophies and prize images designed for organizations and companies


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funerary artist Jeroen Stok
Beeldhouwer – RVS artist Jeroen Stok

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