Most of the artworks I make are commissioned. Usually in consultation with the customer-client I first design a small model that serves as the basis for a final work of art. You can read below how this process of art-in-commission works.

How does an art assignment work?

Read all about the steps and working methods on this page to arrive at a personal work of art or sculpture.

Steps in design

I would like to design a personal sculpture for you on assignment. In practice, when realizing an art assignment, I usually follow these steps:

  • Free introduction and meeting

    We make an appointment for a meeting by phone or e-mail. I would like to hear your wishes and ideas for a work of art. I can show you some examples and possibilities of stainless steel finishes. If possible, I would like to agree on a roughly price so that we both know with which budget we can work.

  • Is there a click and do we move on?

    A few days after our conversation, I ask you if what we have discussed meets your expectations. Is there a click? Are we going to continue together to realize something beautiful and fitting?

  • Sketch design

    If there is a click, I make a number of designs and sketches based on what we have discussed. In this I am happy to process your comments and comments into a customized design. I’m going to make a model out of this at scale. Sometimes multiple variants. If this design appeals to you and we can continue with this, I will ask for EUR 1500 for this.

  • Sample

    From the small approved fashion I make a full-size test model of cardboard or MDF. In this trial model we can still adjust everything. Only when you are completely satisfied with the full-size design will I start with the final artwork.

  • Get to work

    Usually, realizing a work of art takes a few weeks, depending on how busy it is. At the start of the execution I ask you for a deposit of 50% so that I can pay part of the costs of the realization. After delivery, you can pay the remaining part of the agreed amount.

  • Finished or placed?

    Once the sculpture has been executed you can pick it up in my studio, but in many cases I will place the artwork on the spot.

  • A certificate of authenticity.

    On request I can provide a certificate of authenticity with possibly a few lines of personal text.

Interested in getting acquainted?

If you are interested in a free introduction, you are welcome to explore the possibilities for a stainless steel artwork without obligation. Do you have a special request, question or comment or would you like more information Please answer your questions. Take a look around this website for inspiration.

For a non-committal conversation you can call me on 06-49351338. Or send an email to

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Jeroen Stok