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art commission - stainless steel sculpture

Looking for a sculpture sepcially designed for you?

Art assignments and commissioned modern sculptures for indoor and outdoor use

In consultation with you, I like to create stainless steel works of art on behalf of birthdays, an anniversary or wedding gifts.

Both private individuals and companies have a commissioned sculpture made through an art commission.

Art assignment – have a statue or sculpture made of stainless steel.

Artworks and sculptures for various business purposes such as awards and artworks as a corporate gift, for example as a gift for a company anniversary, the takeover of a company or as a parting gift for a colleague.

I design exclusive sculptures – small and large – as an art assignment for organizations, companies and institutions. Larger editions are possible for commissioned art.

For a birthday, anniversary or special event I like to create unique and appropriate art as an art assignment

How does an art assignment work?

The process of designing a stainless steel artwork

Every situation is different and unique – a commissioned artwork is therefore usually unique, different from others.

Creating a work of art that has been commissioned is a unique addition to your garden, home or business. When done properly, the artwork is a feast for the eyes for years to come. Partly because the stainless steel also retains its appearance and clarity outside and is virtually maintenance-free.

A commissioned work of art is not made 1,2,3. At least I would like to capture your stories, your ideas and wishes in the artwork. And for that I would like to work with you to see what would fit best as a design. So that a sculpture is created that meets your wishes and expectations. We do this while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in my studio or at your home.

If there is a click after our conversation, I usually make a series of small designs and sketches of the artwork on assignment without obligation. If they match your expectations and wishes, I will develop them further. Possibly up to a full-size model ….

Small designs models artworks
Small sketch designs in copper for an art assignment

Mockup – Full size model

And mockup – a full-size sample provides the opportunity to see if the commissioned artwork has the correct dimensions and proportions. By honoring it outside in the garden, you will get a good impression of how the commissioned work of art relates to the surroundings outside.

In this mockup, we can make adjustments on the spot, so that the sample is completely to your liking. Only then do we start the real work to make artwork from the durable stainless steel. Glass, rusted steel or stone can also be used as a material.

Art commission in progress

I also prefer to carry out your art assignment in consultation and step by step. You regularly receive photos and videos of the execution of the artwork. You are also welcome to come and have a look during the work to see the progress of your commissioned artwork.

Sculpture almost finished

When we have finished your art assignment and the image of stainless steel is presentable, I invite you for a final inspection. If everything is to your liking, you can take the artwork with you directly from my studio. Or I can come and place the statue with you.

Placing the artwork on commission

If you prefer that I come and place the art assignment, you can. Then we agree on a date and reimbursement for this.

Commissioned art possibilities

As an artist I usually work on commission. Most of the artworks on this website are in art commissions from private individuals, companies or governments. Usually I use stainless steel 316 as a material for sculptures. But on request I can make sculptures with glass, bronze and Corten steel.

For an art assignment I like to work with stainless steel because it is a nice, sleek material, durable, strong and virtually maintenance-free. It remains beautiful even after years outside.

Whatever art assignment it is, it always leads to a unique and special work of art that is an asset to your garden, home or business.

On the website you can see what is possible with commissioned art. I carry out every art assignment myself. It is always worked on with attention and dedication. I am driven to create a qualitative and exclusive work of art.

Examples art assignments

View the examples of art commissions on this website, I would like to hear from you what appeals to you and what you like. Together with you, I will ensure that the art commission is as good as possible to the best of my knowledge and belief

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Want to know what is possible for your situation? I would like to meet you without obligation. I listen carefully to your wishes regarding a modern and / or abstract stainless steel sculpture. I would like to make a number of sketches and designs without obligation.

Please also take a look around this website forinspiration.

For a no-obligation consultation, please call me at 06-49351338 . Or send an email to info@jeroenstok.com

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