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Free Work

Besides making works of art on commission, I also like to make “free work”, sculptures for myself that I place in my own garden. My own “collection” consists of images in which stylized shapes are used in a pleasant and friendly way. Every stainless steel work of art that I make has its own atmosphere, story and meaning.

The process of creating free work – how do you design a work of art?

As an artist I make both free work and commissioned art. Many works of art on this website are made as art commissions, or are free work that has been sold to private individuals, companies or governments. Usually work in the process of designing with cheap easy materials such as cardboard, paper and thin copper. With that I can quickly create different shapes and make changes. I usually start very small with quick scribbles, sketches and thumbnails. A lot of fun to do!

If there is a design that I like, I will work it out further until I can make it in stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material that is durable and also remains beautiful outside in all weathers. It is virtually maintenance free.

On this website you can see what kind of free work I like to make. I carry out every work of art in-house with passionate professionals. Each sculpture is made with love and attention. I am driven to make every work of art in top quality.


Want to know what is possible for your situation? I would like to meet you without obligation. Come and have a look at various works of art made of stainless steel without any obligation. I like to make a number of sketches and designs without obligation.

Also take a look around this website for inspiration.

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Jeroen Stok – artist