Flower statues of stainless steel in various types and sizes.

stainless steel flower sculpture lily

stainless steel flower sculpture lily

Flowers depict beauty and are colorful. That is why they have been used in art from way back. Below are some examples of flower statues and sculptures on the theme of flowers.

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A flower statue as a gift or garden statue.

A stainless steel work of art of a flower (tulip, lily, etc.) is permanently beautiful and low maintenance. It is an original and unique gift that makes a lasting impression.


As an artist I design unique artworks and sculptures of various subjects, including flowers. This can be stylized or abstract. For a flower sculpture as a gift or award I often use stainless steel because this material is beautiful and durable and has an exclusive look.

I make every flower sculpture in-house with dedicated craftsmen who, like me, are passionate about creating the best and most beautiful work of art.

Flower image

Gifts for birthday parties or anniversaries vary enormously. They are often images on themes of congratulation. Flowers go well with that.

And flowers belong in a garden too! ‘Plant’ a unique floral artwork that no one else has! You will surprise visitors with a stylized flower sculpture made of stainless steel. With a stainless steel tulip, lily or another flower, your garden image is a special addition and an exclusive decoration of your garden.


Flowers and leaves were used as a source of inspiration for works of art since ancient Greece. The leaf of the acanthus has played an important role in ornamentation since ancient times. Step into this age-old tradition with an exclusive and modern flower sculpture made of stainless steel. A garden image that is a true asset to your home, garden or organization.


A flower sculpture made of stainless steel is durable and actually requires no maintenance except for occasional cleaning. It is of course a matter of personal taste, but stainless steel sculptures and works of art look beautiful, sleek and have an exclusive modern look.


I mostly use these materials for gifts in the form of statues and sculptures

  • Stainless steel 316 (stainless steel)
  • Glass
  • Bronze
  • Corten steel

With these sustainable materials I create beautiful flower sculptures, unique and personal objects from the best materials.


Are you interested in a work of art or a flower sculpture made of stainless steel? I would like to hear your ideas and wishes. If there is a click where you feel that I am the right person to design a flower sculpture for you, I will start making a number of non-binding designs.

Even if you have no idea what a work of art or sculpture should look like for you or your organization, I would be happy to help you! Also take a look around this website for inspiration.

For a no-obligation consultation you can call me at 06-49351338 . Or send an e-mail to .

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Flower images

My stainless steel sculptures are welded and sanded and often also polished until they shine like a mirror. That gives a feeling of perfection and exclusivity. Modern stainless steel statues can be very diverse designs, including flowers. A flower sculpture made of stainless steel is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for private or business applications.
The dimensions of these stainless steel floral works of art can vary from very small to monumental large.

Flower sculpture

Painting uses only 2 dimensions and only some paint to express ideas and emotions. Sculpture, on the other hand, needs a lot more; it is much more material. Earthly materials such as stone and metal are literally heavy, unruly and use all three dimensions. All sculpture, whether it concerns abstract images or a figurative flower sculpture, is 3-dimensional. This applies to both wall sculptures and free-standing sculptures in the room.

Flower sculpture

Flower images have a starting point in the figurative world (flowers or plants) that can also be abstracted. A good floral work of art and sculpture is intriguing and a pleasure to look at.