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Stainless steel artist Jeroen Stok – sculptures and sculptures

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Jeroen Stok

My name is Jeroen Stok and I mainly make stainless steel sculptures and sculptures on commission. Images that are made very carefully and with a lot of personal attention. My aim is to deliver an exclusive quality, both in terms of design and in terms of finish.

Commissioned art

Commissioned works of art I find one of the nicest aspects of the work as an artist. It prevents the ivory tower mentality and it keeps you on your toes. You have to deal with a lot of different people and interests. They challenge you to test your images against their realities. And there are so many different realities with their own customs and atmospheres. It is enriching to be able to take note of this and let it affect you.


For a long time, flower and flowering forms have been in my drawings and sculptures. This is not a conscious choice, they just get in. They also arise from strict symmetries. I find the transition from closed bud to open flower beautiful and wonderful. The statue of the tulip in Avenhorn was created shortly after my son was born. All the joy and wonder at the miracle of new life is in there.


I am satisfied with a work of art if it manages to express and shape the realities of those involved in my own way. And I’m really happy when it makes the people who see the image every day happier. Without patting myself on the chest, that is often the case in practice. I strive for the best quality, an exclusive design and perfect finish.


After spending a lot of time and energy in committee and administrative work within the art sector for a number of years, I wanted something different. I was also less interested in participating in exhibitions. In recent years, my focus has therefore been more on applying visual art outside the appropriate art and exhibition circuit.
As a visual artist, I find determining the appearance of a disability action against inaccessible polling stations very challenging and meaningful at the moment. I also find the thinking (as a visual artist) about the design and design of a new city district very interesting.

Tomb art

In recent years I have been making grave art in addition to the regular works of art of stainless steel. Special memorials of stainless steel, glass and corten. Each memorial is unique and is created in close consultation with the next of kin. Making tomb art in the form of memorials and tomb monuments is very grateful and beautiful work. This is about shaping the wishes of the next of kin as beautifully and as well as possible. For examples, see https://memorabel.nl

With these materials I work as an artist

Because every person is unique, I always design and realize new, unique and personal works of art on assignment. To achieve the best result, I translate your wishes, preferences and ideas into a number of different designs. You choose your favorite, after which we refine it further. As an experienced artist I can make works of art from:

  • Stainless steel (Stainless steel or stainless steel 316)
  • Corten steel (rusted steel)
  • Cast glass
  • Blown glass
  • Fused glass
  • Stone (Granite, Belgian hard stone, natural stone etc.)
  • Bronze

Because these are all sustainable materials, a huge amount is possible. I would like to realize a unique work of art that meets your wishes in an original way.

Follow the realization of the artwork closely

When executing the artwork, I regularly take photos and videos so that you can see every stage of the creation of the artwork.

I carry out the sculpture or sculpture of stainless steel in-house. Only dedicated and professional professionals work on this. When the artwork is ready to be placed, I invite you for a final inspection. Is everything as you wish? Then we can schedule a date to place the artwork.

rvs kunstwerk in uitvoering
work in progress

An appointment?

Do my artworks and sculptures appeal to you and are you interested in a free introduction? Please call +31 6-49351338 or send an email to info@jeroenstok.nl. I would like to meet you and listen carefully to your wishes. As an artist, I am happy to create a special and personal sculpture or sculpture on commission with you.