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A heart symbolizes love and is therefore a frequently chosen element for stainless steel statues. Personally, I prefer an image that only looks like a heart at a certain angle.

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The above shows some examples of statues and sculptures in which (often in a subtle way) the heart theme is incorporated. Usually the heart is visible at a certain angle. As a result, the artwork can be interpreted in several ways. A sculpture that raises questions.

Design a stainless steel heart artwork

I would be happy to create a work of art with the theme heart, embrace or love with your wishes in mind. This way I can design a unique and personal work of art for you or your organization.

Sleek shapes of stainless steel

Stainless steel is an ideal material for sleek stylized images of hearts. Clear works of art that have a luxurious appearance and perfect finish.

How does the design of a heart sculpture work?

First we get to know each other without obligation. With a fresh cup of coffee or tea, we discuss your wishes for a work of art of a heart or the theme of love and we look at a number of examples.

Small models – design stainless steel sculpture

If there is a click, after our conversation, I will make sketches and a number of small models for the artwork with the heart theme.

 Small designs models artworks Small sketch designs for an image with the theme heart or embrace [/ caption]

Making Heart Sculpture from stainless steel step by step

Making a sculpture is also done step by step. I regularly inform you about the state of affairs; and you will receive photos and videos of the progress.

You are also welcome to come and see the progress in the workshop. Everything happens according to your wishes and according to plan.

The work of art must last for a long time and then you (and I) want it to remain beautiful and good.

Modern heart Artwork / heart statue from Inox

When the stainless steel heart sculpture is ready, I would like it if you would like to come and have a last look. A final inspection to make sure everything has been done to your full satisfaction.


An image with the theme “love”, “embrace” or “heart is popular. It is the somewhat stylized and abstract, sleek design that makes it interesting for many people. Hearts are regularly chosen because they symbolize love.

Thanks to modern techniques and because stainless steel can be processed so well, a lot is possible in terms of design. Check this website to see what is possible.

Interested in getting acquainted?

If you are interested in a no-obligation introduction, you are more than welcome to explore the possibilities for a stainless steel heart work of art without obligation. Please also look around this website for inspiration.

For a no-obligation consultation you can call me at 06-49351338 . Or send an e-mail to info@jeroenstok.com .

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