Swallow – stainless steel sculpture for the garden


verkochtArt assignment for birthday gift

  • Title: “Free as a bird”
  • Client: private
  • Circulation: 1 of 1
  • Dimensions: 100 cm
  • Material: stainless steel 316
  • Finish: directionless sanded stainless steel
  • Base: corten 120 cm high
  • Includes: certificate of authenticity
  • Warranty: 3 years

A similar image can be supplied in different sizes. From 60 cm to 3 meters

Vrijblijvend informatie aanvragen

Art assignment for an image of an abstract swallow

This design served as a birthday present – a gift that was first handed over in miniature and later placed in large in the garden.

miniatuur ontwerp zwaluw beeldThe miniature figurine executed in red copper.

The accompanying text:
Free as a bird and placed on a pedestal
faithful as a swallow.
Not to be caught in one image,
surprising from every angle,
tikkie classic, tick modern….
… who never gets bored
and always remains exciting