Abstract geometric sculpture of stainless steel


verkochtSculpture commissioned

  • Title: “Energy Balance”
  • Client: private
  • Edition: 1 pcs
  • Dimensions: 100 cm wide
  • Material: stainless steel 316
  • Finish: brushed with nano coating
  • Foot: stainless steel 316
  • Base: 15 x15 x 80 cm (optional)
  • Including: laser engraving
  • Includes: certificate of authenticity
  • Application: suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Warranty: 3 years

A similar image can be supplied in different sizes. From 30 cm to 3 meters




Vrijblijvend informatie aanvragen

Art assignment for abstract garden sculpture of stainless steel

elegant abstract sculptuur van RVS

Art commissioned by a private individual. Energy and balance had to radiate the work. The two blades keep each other in balance, but just don’t touch each other in the base. The graceful shapes there turn into two straight plates facing each other. This suggests a voltage difference, a plus and minus pole. In the foot, the text “energy balance” is engraved on request.