Outdoor Sculpture

Large monumental sculpture

H20 molecules for a sewage treatment plant symbolizing clear water

These outdoor sculptures are commissioned sculptures. The stainless steel flowers are designed for public spaces and private gardens.

Monumental sculpture for public spaces 

Stainless steel sculpture is especially suitable for public spaces. Its material  is both vandalism and corrosive proof. What I like about Contemporary outdoor sculpture made from Stainless steel is it's play with "light". The reflection of passing clouds; the brightness of the sunlight. A stainless sculpture is a valuable asset for almost all environments.

Please take a look at these stainless outdoor sculptures with different sizes and shapes. I am happy to inform you more about the art-possibilities for you or for your organization.


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Outdoor Sculpture in Stainless Steel

My outdoor sculpture is primarily made of Stainless Steel; in my view one of the most attractive materials for outdoor sculptures for both private and public spaces.

With my stainless steel monumental sculpture I react to the space and its people. Trying to capture ideas and feelings in form. Striving to create sculptures that are in sync with the given environment and its people and my emotions about it.

Outdoor sculpture - a brief overview

Outdoor sculpture has its roots in architecture and landscaping. In the 1970′s sculptors started to use stainless steel as a material for their outdoor sculptures. Stainless steel is particularly well suited for use in large outdoor monumental sculptures. It has a strong durability and it's able to withstand the corrosive forces of nature. In addition, many sculptors use stainless steel for its reflective properties which adds an extra visual dimension to the artwork.

Outdoor sculpture Function and Size

Outdoor sculpture combines function and size. Often outdoor sculpture has a monumental size, look and feel to it. Large sculpture was used historically to impress the viewer with the power of a ruler or institution.

Although small in scale a litlle model can have monumental values. In contemporary sculpture monumental usually implies large overall scale.

Outdoor sculpture can be fopund in historical monuments,  memorials, tomstones and monuments that express the power of a ruler or community. Modern contemporary outdoor sculpture often is commissioned as art for public sites.

Famous examples

outdoor sculpture Richard Serra
outdoor sculpture by Richard Serra

Famous contemporary sculptors well known for their oudoor sculpture are Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons , Richard Serra, Kiki Smith, Rachel Whiteread, Marc Quinn, Tara Donovan, Lynda Benglis, Antony Gormley, Damián Ortega and Christo.