Tulip Sculpture for Temecula California

tulip sculpture
tulip sculpture

In 2013 the City of Temecula, California commissioned these two stainless steel tulip sculptures. On September the 11th 2013 was the unveiling.

"The City of Temecula, USA, sister cities with Leidschendam-Voorburg were preparing to celebrate the 20th Anniversary and wanted to honor our friends from the Netherlands by enhancing and improving an area at a local park. After an extensive search, Jeroen Stok and his fabulous stainless steel tulip was discovered. His unique work, has now become a focal point at our most visible park; thus truly connecting our two countries."  Robin Gilliand Recreation Supervisor

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Tulip Sculpture

A large scale outdoor stainless steel Tulip sculpture unfolds the possibilities in life; it's not a mere visual experience, but I hope the steel flower invokes a feeling of joy and happiness in the viewer.

A typical symbol for Tulip producing country.

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