small tulip sculpture

Black patina tulips
Different steps to final design of a small black tulip. Height: 30cm (12 inches)

Black Tulips evoke a certain strength and power in their symbolism. The air of mystery that they bring to a room is palpable. The black tulip is called “Queen of the Night” and  is s not authentically black in color at all! It is a hybrid flower developed by 'weaving' together various tulip bulbs into a new hybrid form.

History of black Tulip

“Tulipmania” evolved about the black Tulip. It caused actually one the world’s first recorded major financial bubbles. Tulipmania began in the Netherlands around 1624 and reached its peak in 1637. 

Tulip prices in the Netherlands rose to ridiculous levels, with one flower costing more than the annual income of a skilled tradesman, and for certain types of tulips, over ten times more!

There was one very rare tulip that was traded for not money, but for four fat oxen, eight fat swine, twelve fat sheep, two hogsheads of wine, four turns of beer, one thousand pounds of cheese, two tons of butter, a bed, a silver cup, a set of fine clothes, two lasts of wheat, and four lasts of rhye

Well: this black tulip cost much less :-)