Orchid Sculpture - wall piece

Stainless steel sculpture of a orchid, available in different colors.

Steel flower

Steel flowers are about the gentle spiral of life unfolding. A large outdoor stainless steel flower-sculpture celebrates life, birth, growth, maturity. The flower sculptures are about unfoldment, opportunities, hope, change, and regeneration.


Tulip Sculpture

A large scale outdoor stainless steel Tulip sculpture unfolds the possibilities in life; it's not a mere visual experience, but I hope the steel flower invokes a feeling of joy and happiness in the viewer.


Examples and inspiration

biggest steel flower

the Big Steel Flower

One of my inspirations is the gigantic flower sculpture in Buenos Aires - the Floralis Generica or "the Big Steel Flower" as most people know it. Is is a huge flower sculpture. It is as tall as a high-rise (23 meters) and weighs over 40.000 pound.  The artist Eduardo Catalano.

One of the fascinating features of this sculpture is that it acts like a real flower: the gigantic petals open during the day and close for the night.

The Steel Flower is actually made of stainless steel and aluminium and sits in the centre of a pool of water which reflects the flower and also protects it from vandals.

largest flower sculpture

the largest sculpture

Flower sculptures are a some form of imitation of nature.  Ana Tzarev makes large scale flowers after nature, in a huge amplified form.

The series of connected flower sculptures, span the world and they carry an ambitious global message of 'love, peace and understanding'.  

The brightly colored 15ft flowers are placed in seven different countries around the world. According to the sculptor Tzarev the flower sculpture will become the world's largest sculpture. Millions of people will see them going about their daily lives.

most expensive flower sculpture

The most expensive flower sculpture?

Jeff Koons’ stainless steel "Tulips," which stands about 7 feet tall and flares into a 15-by-17-foot oval. Its highly polished blooms is very tempting to touch.

In 2012, the flower sculpture Tulips brought a record auction price at Christie's, selling for 33.6 million dollars!