Little Falcon sculpture

Stainless steel Bird sculpture

little falcon sculpture - mirror finish stainless steel

Mirror finished - high polished stainless steel Falcon taking flight, suspended on a sheet designed to enhance the feeling of flight and freedom


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Falcon sculpture - symbolism and history

The falcon is a symbol of liberty, freedom, and victory. It symbolizes hope to all those who are in bondage.

In Christianity, wild falcons represents the unconverted Gentile, as well as sinful thoughts and deeds. The tamed bird symbolizes the Christian convert with his lofty thoughts, hopes, and aspirations.

In Egypte the falcon was associated with sky deities. Some of those deities had falcons’ heads. A human-headed falcon was the symbol of the human soul. It was believed that the falcon helped to cure the soul and it was thought to escort the soul back to the world of souls.

Falcons were associated with nobility (hunting) in Europe, Japan, and China, where falcons symbolized keen vision, boldness, and swiftness.