Flying Pewit

Stainless Bird sculpture

stainless steel bird sculpture of a flying pewit - lapwing - plover - peewit

Mirror finished - high polished stainless steel flying Pewit taking flight, suspended on a sheet designed to enhance the feeling of flight and freedom.


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Bird Pewit Sculpture - a brief history

From ancient times birds were the subject of artists and sculptors. Birds are still used as symbols. In the past often referring to religious elements and ideas. Birds as a symbol of freedom, peace and independence are used all over the world and date from all times. Christian sculpture and painting used doves to refer to peace. Contemporary sculptors and artists still use birds as a subject to refer to these elements - continuing an ancient tradition of depicting birds in sculpture. Also in that sense sculpture and sculptors are part of a long tradition.

Pewit- lapwing

The northern lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) is also known as the peewit, pewit, tuit or tew-it (imitative of its cry). Lapwing refers to its peculiar, erratic way of flying.


The bird' crest indicates his royal status and it's long, sharp beak is a symbol of his violent nature.

Bird Sculpture Techniques

Artists used a variety of styles and mediums in depicting birds and wings sculptures. That varied from stone carving to assembling modern materials. Ancient sculptural representations of birds often focused on the mythical aspect. Conveying realistic details and proper anatomy wasn't the key issue. Later on more naturalistic representation became important (e.g Greek sculpture). Much later impressionist sculptors would focus on the overall impression. After that abstract artists further simplified the form of the birds trying to capture the very essence of the animal. Of course materials used by sculptors changed in time as more and more media came into reach.