Animal sculpture - modern and abstract

animal sculpture - stainless steel bird sculpture

An exclusive collection of abstract and modern stainless steel animal sculptures: pewit, falcon, peewee, palwing, plover, harrier hawk, whale tail etc.

An abstract animal sculpture will still be recognizable as an animal; in fact I try to stylize the animals form to its core, so it's even more recognizable!

Bird sculpture

Metal bird sculptures are fun to do. A flying bird sculpture (made from stainless steel) looks great in natural environments like gardens and parks. As most metal bird sculpture does.

Swan sculpture - flying bird made of stainless steel

Modern and abstract animal sculpture tries to capture the essence of an animal. That might be the movement of a wing of the feeling of freedom and space around. Besides symbolic purposes, animals are just fun to depict. They can be so beautiful and "simple".

I design and execute stainless steel animal sculpture and bird sculpture in different sizes and shapes. I am happy to inform you more about the art-possibilities for you or for your organization. 

Please contact me for information regarding abstract animal sculptures.


Animal Sculpture - a brief history

From ancient times animals were the subject of artists and sculptors. Animals are still use as symbols. In the past often referring to religious stories and ideas in sculpture. Some animals such as lions and bulls were used to symbolize the power and strength of rulers or of a society. These elements were used all over the world and in all times. Christian sculpture and painting used imagery such as sheep, lambs and doves to refer to peace. In modern times contemporary artists might still refer to these elements -  continuing an ancient tradition of depicting animals in sculpture. Also in that sense sculpture and sculptors are part of a long tradition.

Animal Sculpture Techniques

Artists used a variety of styles and mediums in depicting animal sculptures. That varied from stone carving to assembling modern materials. Ancient sculptural representations of animals often focused on the mythical aspect. Conveying realistic details and proper anatomy wasn't the key issue. Later on more naturalistic representation became important (e.g Greek sculpture). Much later impressionist sculptors would focus on the overall form (the impression) of the animal. After that abstract artists further simplified the form of the animal trying to capture the very essence of the animal. Of course materials used by animal sculptors changed with time as more and more media came into reach. From stone - bronze - iron - glass and more unconventional materials like balloons, used tires and a number of plastics.

Artists Known For Animal Sculpture

Animal sculpture date back to Assyrian times - legendary were the colossal Assyrian lamassus, or winged human-lion hybrids, that served as gate protectors.

Early civilizations often sculpted animals and humans. Well known is the ancient Greek “Calf-bearer” (560 BC). It is a animal sculpture with a human figure: a young man carries a calf wrapped around his neck. The creation story of Rome is visualised in the Etruscan “Capitoline Wolf” (13th-15h century) a she-wolf feeding two human babies. Pablo Picasso used bike parts to create the “Bull’s Head” . Edgar Degas is known for several horse sculptures with the animal in movement  “Horse Clearing an Obstacle” (1887-1888) 

Famous artists that created animal sculptures are Joan Miro, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Dame Elisabeth Frink, Yong Ho Ji, Robert Clatworthy, Henry Moore, Angus Fairhurst, Ben Foster, and Jeff Koons.

On this website you can find an exclusive collection of modern stainless steel animal sculptures: pewit, falcon, peewee, palwing, plover, harrier hawk, whale tail. At your request I will be happy to create a new animal sculpture in stainless steel for you.