Wave sculpture

Sculpture:  Stainless Steel - steel sheet

wave sculpture - stainless steel abstract sculpture

"Wave" is stainless steel sculpture made using sheet metal pieces of art glass which are then assembled upon a metal welded frame upon various elevations in order to create the overall composition.

A wave sculpture is made by rolling and shaping stainless steel into a intricate and beautiful wave. Stainless steel can manipulated in many different ways - creating different effects very pleasing to the eye. But Stainless steel is very hard to roll.

Abstract Wave sculptures are very stiff and keep their shape and form. After rolling the sculpture is welded and then grinded and polished to give it a perfect and high polished exclusive radiance

Also a wave sculpture can be fabricated with a great variety of designs. These abstract sculptures are great for homes and offices. Both indoors and outdoors. They can be made on a rotating base or a fixed base. They can be made in sizes from small tabletop sculptures to very large, monumental, abstract sculptures.

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The greatest wave ever?

Probably one the most beautiful and well know waves in art isn't a sculpture but a Japanese print by Kanagawa called "the great wave"

Kanagawa the great wave - wave sculpture