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A beautiful work of art, made with love and attention, a beautiful and light sculpture. An asset to your garden, terrace or entrance hall.

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A stainless steel sculpture as a gift or souvenir of a special event is permanently beautiful and special: always exclusive, personal and unique.

Stainless steel artworks for private individuals made of stainless steel

My artworks for private individuals from STAINLESS STEEL are welded and sanded and often also polished until they shine and reflect like a mirror. That gives a feeling of perfection and exclusivity. Modern works of art for private individuals made of stainless steel can be very different designs. An image for private individuals made of STAINLESS STEEL is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for private or business applications. The dimensions of stainless steel statues can vary from small to monumental.

Modern sculpture

Painting uses only 2 dimensions and only some paint to express ideas and emotions. Sculpture, on the other hand, needs a lot more; it is much more material. Earthly materials such as stone and metal are literally heavy, unruly and use all three dimensions. All sculpture, whether it concerns figurative images or an image for private individuals, is 3-dimensional. This applies to both wall sculptures and free-standing sculptures in the room.

Artwork for private individuals

Also abstract images sometimes have a starting point in the figurative world that is more and more abstracted. But you don’t have to. A modern image can arise from a sculptor’s research into the spatial relationships between volumes and shapes. In my view, a good work of art intrigues; the sculpture must be an eye-catcher that surprises and raises questions.

Well-known sculptors

I personally love the work of sculptors from greats like David Smith, Tony Cragg, Constantin Brancusi, and Henry Moore.

How do I design a sculpture for private individuals?

When designing a sculpture for private individuals, I always get to know you first. Over a cup of coffee or tea, I would like to hear your wishes and ideas for the artwork. Maybe you already know what you want and do you have a concrete idea and design in mind? In that case too, I would like to hear your ideas and help us think about how we can best achieve this.

Images for private individuals – small examples

If there is a click, I will make a number of sketches and designs for sculpture for you or your organization without obligation. I try to visualize what we discussed in the first conversation in the designs.

After about 4 to 6 weeks I invite you to come and see the designs. It goes without saying that you can then take other interested parties with you to my studio.

 Small sketch designs in copper for a (fox) statue for a private person Small sketch designs in copper for a (fox) statue for a private [/ caption]

Usually there are one or two designs that stand out immediately. Which are immediately preferred. The final design is often a combination of elements from these favorites.

Full-size image design for private individuals

Sometimes, at the request of the client, I first make a mockup – a full-size test model of the design. This offers the opportunity to see whether the figurative image has the right size and proportions. You can also see whether the artwork outside in the garden also has the desired size. In this test model we can still change everything on the spot, so that you can clearly see the various options. Only when the mock-up is completely to your liking do we start work on the final version of the artwork in the final material.

Step-by-step execution of artwork

I also prefer to do the realization of the artwork step by step. In addition, I will keep you constantly informed. For example, I discuss the progress by telephone and you regularly receive photos and videos of the state of affairs. You are welcome to come and see the progress of the artwork in the workshop.

I make sure that everything happens as agreed. As a matter of principle, I don’t do stress, rush work and “big steps home quickly”.

After all, it must be a beautiful sculpture for private individuals that you will enjoy for years to come. The statue must remain for a long time and also remain beautiful. That is why it must be done properly and sustainably. Many customers enjoy this way of working.

When the artwork is ready

You can come to the workshop to see if everything has been done as agreed. And if you are satisfied, you can take the artwork with you from my studio. Or we agree that I can place artwork at your place.

Placing the sculpture

In case you want me to place the sculpture at your place, we agree on a date and a fee for this.

Possibilities of a work of art for particells

As an artist I design unique works of art for private individuals and sculptures from different materials. I usually use STAINLESS STEEL, but glass, bronze and Corten steel can also be used on request.

I like to use stainless steel for an image because I think it is a beautiful material, but also because this material is durable, sleek, radiant and incredibly strong.

But whatever your preference is, there is always a unique work of art for private individuals. Different and special in shape and material.

Because metal and stainless steel are so easy to work with, a lot is possible. On the website you will see several examples of what is possible. I make every stainless steel sculpture in-house with dedicated professionals. I have been working with these people for years. Just like me, they are driven to make the best and most beautiful work of art possible.


I mostly use these materials for figurative sculptures and artworks

  • Stainless steel 316 (stainless steel)
  • Glass
  • Bronze
  • Corten steel

Interested in getting acquainted?

If you are interested in a no-obligation introduction, you are more than welcome to explore the possibilities for a work of art made of stainless steel without obligation. Please also look around this website for inspiration.

For a no-obligation consultation you can call me at 06-49351338 . Or send an e-mail to .

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Jeroen Stok